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...and here we are — the most enchantingly and magical time of the year, the most beautiful celebrations, and the most "miracles" mood right at our door.

The snow and ice that covers much of the hemisphere in the winter is a transformative force like no other in our world. Breathtaking change. Our thoughts and wishes turn to the beauty of white perfection.

Minimalist landscapes, the frost draws its surreal patterns, the snow crunching underfoot, it is so quiet that you can hear every silent step of a wild animal... This Christmas graphic set focused on all these stories, which you could tell in the long winter evening.

What do you love the most about winter?
It's time to tell your winter story.

WINTER STORYTELLING includes 270+ graphics
.png 300 DPI with transparent background:

  • 2 deer portraits;
  • 2 deer portraits in the snow;
  • 2 deer wedding portraits with wreaths;
  • 22 wild forest animals (moose, fox, hare, bear, wolf, raccoon, owl, bullfinch, etc.);
  • 22 wild forest animals in the snow;
  • Gold alphabet (26 individual letters + &, not a font);
  • Silver alphabet (26 individual letters + &, not a font);
  • Forest alphabet (26 individual letters + &, not a font);
  • 34 DIY florals (snowberry, cotton, pine, mistletoe);
  • 26 frames & shields;
  • 14 wreaths;
  • 20 decor elements & compositions;
  • 10 mountains & pine trees;
  • Moons, set of gold & silver phases;
  • 15 textural backgrounds & pre-made cards (.jpeg + 4 layered .psd)

    Main sizes: animals: ~3000x3000px; letters: ~3000x2500px; arrangements: ~3000x3000px; backgrounds: A4, 2480x3508px

WINTER STORYTELLING — unique high quality graphics in winter palette with boasting an abundance of textures, shapes and variations of use were created by hand with loving care. All watercolor illustrations were painted on paper, then scanned at high resolution and cleaned to create clear end products.

Perfect for Christmas greeting cards, gifts, invitations, calendars, festive and woodland projects, modern or vintage wedding suite and stationery, branding identity, posters, wall art, surface patterns, scrapbooking, gift wrapping paper, textile design, cosmetic, advertising, social media, packaging, cases, logos, quotes, blogs, web, banners and for many, many more.

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Have happy holidays!
Have a happy life.