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SUMMER AESTHETICS clipart + tropical

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...with all those beautiful iconic things which all of us love in the summer! You will find inside a great variety of fashion outfits, wild savannah desert and tropical animals (tiger, leopard, elephant, parrots, flamingo, monkey, giraffe, etc.), lots of exotic fruits and coctails, ice-cream, tasty summer food and drinks, girls in trendy summer clothes and swimming suits.... And tropical palm leaves, of course. All of these you can easy embellish with trendy flowers and greenery (peony, rose, eucalyptus, etc.) and yes, for their sun-kissed palette we should be grateful to the summer.

Collection includes 6 SEGMENTS with 230+ watercolor summer essentials
.png 300 DPI with transparent background (~2600x2600px):

  • 1 Fashion outfits: 59 illustrations;
  • 2 Wild animals: 12 illustrations;
  • 3 People: 14 illustrations;
  • 4.0 Floral bouquets + DIY elements: 8 + 21 illustrations;
  • 4.1 Floral Frames: 17 illustrations;
  • 5 Tropics: bouquets + DIY elements: 9 + 15 illustrations;
  • 6 Foods: 34 illustrations;
  • 7 Activities & summer scenes: 34 illustrations (updated)

'SUMMER AESTHETICS' — unique high quality lifestyle graphics in fresh summer palette, which were created by hand with loving care. It's not an imitation, all watercolor illustrations were painted on paper, then scanned at high resolution and cleaned to create your clear end products.

Perfect for invitations, diary, planners, stickers, posters, wall art, cards, modern and fine art projects, moodboards, to do lists, wedding suite and stationery, bridal and baby shower decoration, branding identity, greeting cards, calendars, surface patterns, scrapbooking, social media accounts promotion (Instagram, Pinterest), Etsy, gift wrapping paper, textile design, cosmetic, advertising, social media, packaging, cases, logo, quotes, blogs, web, banners and for many, many more.

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