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Metallic Enamel Pin Mockups

Adobe Photoshop

Did you have that "phase of collecting" stuff in your childhood? Pokemon chips, miniature collectible cars, dolls, stickers, badges — different generations had different things to be obsessed with. Nowadays, you can still meet the reincarnation of this habit in something else, like ordering enamel pins! It's always nice to get those for your backpack, jacket or sweatshirt, right? It's time to design a pin of your own with this versatile mockup!

There are so many things to discover in the package! Apart from the isolated pin mockup itself, we've worked on 6 themed PSD scenes demonstrating the pins in all their glory. Besides, some backgrounds are available as separate files, so add 5 background textures to the product's value. Moving on to the details: you can adjust the pin contour (thin, medium, bold) and set a color for it by picking gold, silver, copper or black. The exciting creative process will make you lose track of time (consider yourself warned). The set will find its purpose in tools for showcasing logotypes, emblems, monograms, icons, illustrations and more!

What's inside?

  • high-quality PSD mockup;
  • 3 pin contours (thin, medium, bold);
  • 4 contour colors (gold, silver, copper, black);
  • 6 ready-made PSD scenes;
  • 5 background textures;
  • 3600x2400 px, 300 dpi;
  • help file.