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CANVA Golden Wind Instagram Story


Golden Wind Stories

Bring your instagram stories to the next level with our wonderful Golden Wind Stories pack

These template stories are worked best providing your need to promote your business, make a flash sale, photo moodboard, create stories, write quote, announce an event and many more.

With just few clicks, you can enjoy costumize our templates with your words and own photos!

Customizable & proper with Canva Mobile / Website Browser - easily edit the fonts (free fonts), colors, layouts, move object and more (but the color adjustment is not as flexible as in Photoshop because Canva has limited features though it's very simply used )

Golden Wind Stories FEATURES:

  • 50 Templates including free 5 minimalist designs
  • Free fonts for commercial use
  • Clean and professional design
  • Watercolor and gold pattern are included
  • Tutorial guide
  • All texts, colors, shapes and fonts are easily changed to match your own needs

Note: Photos and mock are not included in this package



  • Make sure you already have a Canva account. https://www.canva.com. IT'S FREE! This template works for both free and pro Canva user
  • Download the PDF, and open the link to the theme that you'd like to use
  • Place your image and text
  • After all is set, save the template as JPG
  • Make sure your mobile & desktop device is compatible & up to date. We Suggest you to use canva mobile browser or desktop browser rather than canva mobile app to avoid error.
  • DO NOT DIRECTLY EDIT ON THE ORIGINAL LINK because any change will affect the original files.The link is used by number of costumers so always make a copy.ALWAYS MAKE A COPY OF THE DESIGN before using or editing it.

Please NOTED: Not everything can be changed in CANVA. Not all of the font used in PS is same with the one in Canva.The templates are fully editable in photoshop. Use photoshop to costumize the templates maximally


If you don't confident enough with the photoshop skill that you have, don't worry! we give a tutorial inside in editing the templates. They're so easy to be edited and modified!


If you have any questions regarding my products, please do not hesitate to write a message or contact me via email [email protected] or via messages here.

We'll be glad! Specially for the use of this item, we'll guide and help anything that we can do. We'll reply your message as soon as we can (at least within 6 hours due to time difference)